Are you Sick With Worry?

Are you on your last nerve?

Are you about to snap?

There’s always so much to do, and limited time. A day can present itself with many opportunities to stress out. But consider this: your attitude is your choice!

Do you get “sick with worry”? Yes, it’s a literal description of what having an anxious attitude can do to your body! Worry is one of the worst, and most ineffective things you do to yourself!

Worry is like prepaying a toll for a bridge you never cross- LL

Why is worry so bad? Because you put your body through the experience of the event, even though the event is not happening! Your body doesn’t know if it’s your imagination or reality. Think about how you can wake up with your heart pounding from a nightmare. It’s just your dream, but your heart is responding like the monster is just about to catch you!

FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real

Worrying doesn’t change what might happen. It’s like you are looking at a negative crystal ball about the future. Instead of focusing on being present, right now, your mind is in the imagined, fearful place in the future. Instead of focusing on what positive potential outcomes could be a result, you are thinking negatively about what “might” occur. Your attitude is one of negativity and pessimism.

Next time you start worrying, check in with your body. You can actually get sick with worry. It causes stress on your internal body systems that you can see in your Exterior: expression on your face and even your posture.You’ll probably realize that you have a worried look on your face. With time those expressions of chronic worry get etched into your face in the form of worry lines, or wrinkles! No Kidding!

Do you feel a tension in your shoulders, neck, or even your back? Your body never lies. By doing a body scan, you can realize that you’ve been worrying and have anxiety about something. Pay attention to your body language. If you have lots of aches and pains, it’s time to understand why! What are you thinking about? And how do you feel about it

If you are an entrepreneur or working, you want to give out a CONFIDENT appearance, and put out a good impression. But your body will give away your internal insecurities. This is not an area of communication that you can afford to ignore!  But there is a way to improve your body language, AND your internal thoughts and feeling at the same time! Because you are a 3 part system, thoughts, feelings and physical body – (Mind/Body/Soul, if you like that better) – you can change any part of the system, and it will change the rest! You can get all systems into alignment and integrity by changing one…


Your body feels relief in nature

Extending your arms out at 45º can change your mood!


Do yourself a favor. Instead of worrying, use the fastest method of releasing anxiety and fear. Practice gratitude. Get out of your chair (you’re probably sitting). Take a big stretch upward, and then reach your arms out at 45% angles. This actually changes your mood! (this is called a feedback loop). Take a slow in breath, and then increase the time for your exhale to about twice as long as your inhale. Then think about something in your life for which you can be grateful. Picture it, like you are in a dream and experience the wonderful feeling.

You’ve just improved your mood, released worry, anxiety and fear for that time, and improved your health! Keep practicing until you can turn off the worry and spend your time in a way that attracts more happiness, and turns off the worry! Your body will thank you for it. What have you got to lose, except that pain in your neck!


QUESTION: Where do YOU hold your tension, and how do you deal with worry? Please share to help others.