Does Naturopathic Treatment Work?

Does treatment from a Naturopathic physician work? I often supply answers to questions at Quora. Someone wrote in and asked:  “Are naturopaths effective, and are they just as good as MDs?” Answers were either something like “they’re quacks” to responses from Naturopathic doctors defending themselves. But my answer bridged the most important aspect: belief in […]

Stress Is Good

Good Stress You hear that stress is terrible for you all the time. People are saying that stress is making their lives miserable. But stress is actually exercise for your autonomic nervous system. It’s like trying to lift a heavier weight to increase your strength. But the thing that is important to understand is: ONLY […]

Alarm Clock?

Alarm Clock Starts Your Day Off With Stress Do you want to wake up ALARMED??!! Alarm clocks are shocking, jarring and stressful! They get your day started the wrong way, instead of a gentle awakening, slowly and naturally. Ahhhh, stretch, smell the coffee, welcome the day, being thankful you’re alive another day. That’s a stress […]

Monkey Mind and the Internet

The Internet Encourages  Monkey Mind There’s always so much to learn whenever you’re online. Although advertisers would have you only go to the sites where you’ve been shopping, you can really expand your knowledge base, albeit with crazy information just by clicking away. Here’s what happened to me: My Monkey Mind jumps around the Internet Finishing an […]

Brutal Honesty Necessary?

Brutal Honesty Do you ALWAYS have to share your opinion? Remember, it is only your opinion- not fact. AND, conversely, if someone shares THEIRS, it is ONLY an opinion. Don’t give it more power than it deserves by getting sad or angry. Do you have to be brutally honest? Why would you EVER have to […]

One Word Can Change Your Life

How to be thankful on this and every day – Think of the things you have to do : Wake up early Go to work Cook/food shopping/chores Call your mother All your daily responsibilities Go to the gym, or work out Eat dinner with your family Today can be the day when you make the most important […]

Learn How To Meditate

You read every day about the benefits of meditation. You’ve tried to meditate by following your breath, but your mind just wanders and you feel like you’re wasting time. Maybe you think that you don’t even have the time to meditate. But you try again, and your mind just jumps around, perhaps you even fall asleep. You […]

I can’t meditate

Practically every day a new report comes out telling you about all the positive effects from meditation: increases brain mass, reduces physical pain, improves your mood, improves your memory, lowers stress…. and a lot more. Perhaps you’ve tried to meditate, sitting quietly following your breath. But you find that your mind is constantly wandering. You […]

Binge Drinking

Alcohol as Self Medication for Stress Many people can be “social drinkers”, but when it come to a stressful time, alcohol can become the drug of choice to escape the uncomfortable feelings. If this is just a rare occurrence, it’s not the best way to handle your stress; but if it becomes a pattern, your […]

One Day Cure for Depression

So many people are plagued with sadness and actual clinical depression. More than 1 in 10 people are actually taking anti-depressants drugs. But do they actually work? There are many different studies with different findings, but on the whole the findings show that these drugs having little more effect than a placebo. It’s reported that […]