Does Naturopathic Treatment Work?

doctor checking stress level by listening to brain for mindfulness with stethoscope

Does treatment from a Naturopathic physician work?

I often supply answers to questions at Quora. Someone wrote in and asked:  “Are naturopaths effective, and are they just as good as MDs?”
Answers were either something like “they’re quacks” to responses from Naturopathic doctors defending themselves. But my answer bridged the most important aspect: belief in your treatment as the deciding factor. Read it below and let me know if you’ve had success with alternative medicine.

“You’ve read the negative comments above, and hopefully also read about the level of training a certified Naturopathic physician must take- it’s impressive. Naturopathic treatment generally shies away from prescribing convention pharmaceutical drugs to help you heal. Did you know that properly prescribed drugs the fourth leading cause of death in the U.S.? Even if you’re not killed by these drugs, there are serious side effects from them as well. In fact, these pharmaceutical drugs kill more people than ILLEGAL drugs! Naturopathic physicians instead rely on “natural” herbs, and methods that “will do no harm” before going to a pharmaceutical medication!

So much of healing has to do with belief in your physician. You’ve probably heard of the “Placebo Effect”? It has a tremendous impact on healing. And there’s absolutely NOTHING wrong with that! That means it would be the best treatment of all if you are able to use it for yourself! Because learning to heal yourselfis available to ALL humans. If even one human is able to access this type of healing, then ALL are. And don’t forget about the impact that stresshas in your illness. Most allopathic physicians only pay lip service to that, or will prescribe a pill for your anxiety. There are MUCH better alternatives! And there are amazing statistics showing that Naturopathic IS effective.

You’re trust in the type of treatment and the doctor you use may account in large part from your improvement from any condition you have. I would definitely prefer to use natural treatments, which have proven to work and have far fewer side effects, instead of enriching Big Pharma?”

Regular “allopathic” MD is definitely the choice when you’ve had an accident- a broken bone. But for me, I would definitely prefer to use the less dangerous method for healing first. There are doctors who practice using both methods. These doctors are open minded and have probably seen the positive effects of less dangerous methods to help a person heal.

So, the bottom line is YOUR belief in your treatment.

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