Alarm Clock?

Alarm Clock Starts Your Day Off With Stress

Do you want to wake up ALARMED??!! Alarm clocks are shocking, jarring and stressful! They get your day started the wrong way, instead of a gentle awakening, slowly and naturally. Ahhhh, stretch, smell the coffee, welcome the day, being thankful you’re alive another day. That’s a stress free way to wake up naturally.

Sunrise and the slowly brightening light from the sun is the natural way that humans are probably meant to wake up in the morning, and to go to sleep at night (the reverse). Of course, with the invention of lightbulbs all that changed. And with it, so have the more natural, and probably some healthier ways of our ancient ancestors. (along with not having GM foods and pollution!)

An Alarm clock has become a necessity because of the late hours we keep, the lack of sleep from doing too much too late into the night. Just think of the term: ALARM!! Who wants to wake up with an alarming sound blaring in your ears just while you’re in the middle of a nice dream and comfy? It’s not good for you!

I coulda been a contender: Marlon Brando, On the Waterfront

Wake Up to with Light

As it’s said, “necessity is the Mother of invention”.  I invented the non-alarming clock for my own needs. When I was living in New York, I’d have to wake up in the dark to get ready for a miserable 1.5 hour commute to my job every morning. The commute was horrible, but waking up in the dark was more than I could take. I was depressed and miserable. I realized that I needed to wake up in the daytime! And that’s when I thought of how much better I’d feel with a device that simulated sunrise. I tried a timer, but the light would just snap on, and that was also jarring. But back then there was no technology to slowly ramp up a light to full brightness over time.

Wake Up Call was MY Invention

And that’s why I invented “Wake-Up Call” a very similar device to this over 20 years ago! That’s the complete truth. The technology didn’t exist at the time to make the device, and I worked with an engineer, patent lawyer….. but never followed through. Twenty years later, MY device is now called: Sunrise (and other variations) – but they still call in Alarm clock. I’d call it NON-alarm clock. When I saw these devices, all I could think of is: I Could’a Been A Contender  (the famous line spoken by Marlon Brando in the famous film: On the Waterfront.  I should have followed through with that invention!

Wake Up Gently – Stress Free

The way it works is that the light slowly gets brighter in your dark bedroom (because if you understand the best way to have revitalizing, excellent night sleep it’s in a VERY dark, and cool bedroom). This device will slowly ramp up the intensity of the light just like a natural sunrise.

And just like MY invention, it also has a choice of natural sounds that you can pick- birds twittering would be my perfect choice. Anything but garbage trucks slamming metal can containers to collect the trash is great! (that’s why I don’t live in a city anymore- LOL!).

Depression from Lack of Sunlight

Waking up with light actually makes the day seem longer – which is great in the short days of winter –  especially in places up higher in the northern hemisphere where the day light is REALLY short!

In San Diego (where I live), we have a lot of months where it’s overcast with an effect called: Marine Layer. They call is May Gray and June Gloom. But honestly, it extends WAY past those two months. I call the rest: July- I wanna die; August- enough with this stuff; September, sunlight I want to remember…. Waking up to a sunny day makes me happy and wanting to get outside and enjoy the day. I know there are people here who say they like the overcast – not me!

Sunlight elevates many people’s moods. In fact, the suicide rates are higher in places with less sunlight. And there is a condition called “Seasonal Affective Disorder” or SAD- which is depression caused by lack of sunlight. People are actually encouraged to sit with natural lightbulbs to improve their mood. If you tend towards being moody, I encourage you to start you day with light instead of an alarm! This may work a lot better than anti-depressant medication which always has negative side effects as well.

Best Non-Alarm Wake Up Devices

Here are my recommendations:


If you want to be able to use your phone’s Bluetooth to pick your own wake-up music, this is the choice.



If you are happy with using the natural sounds to wake-up and don’t need to have the Bluetooth function, (but it does have an FM radio choice) this is the best choice.

It has adjustable brightness settings – can even be used as a reading light- that gently turns off telling you- it’s time to sleep now!



Get rid of your alarm clock and lower your stress level to start the day naturally- waking to light!

Please let me know how this works for you and share this post with others who can benefit!