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Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Life Enhancement Expert, Lianda Ludwig, M.Sc. describes herself as a “Coach-sultant”

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It doesn’t matter how old you are. Stress can age your mind and body prematurely and make your life miserable.  The American Institute of Stress, claims that over 90% of doctor visits for physical, emotional and mental illness and dis-ease are the result of stress.

Former Behavioral Therapist at Canyon Ranch Health Spa and Resort, she was a popular speaker both at Canyon Ranch, and on her Access TV program, and on the radio. Lianda is an Amazon Best Selling Author in a book that shows how stress is the foundational issue of overweight and over-eating.

Don’t have time for stress relief? Then do it TWICE! It doesn’t have to take long, and there are MANY effective methods that will transform your life so you can start living the happy, healthy life you deserve. It’s not enough to “know” what to do- you ALSO need strategies to establish and maintain those new habits.Get Lianda’s special report and learn 7 one minute stress obliterating tools. Lianda’s cutting edge and proven methods will help you stay the course!

Lianda can speak for your group or organization in the San Diego area. Contact her personally with questions and requests.

Put on your own oxygen mask first, and then help others! 

– The Cabin Attendant on your last flight

 CREDENTIALS: Degrees, Licensing & Certification

 Lianda describes herself as a “Coach-Sultant”. You may wonder, WHAT is a Coach-sultant? It’s combination of Coach and Consultant: A Consultant assess the situation and makes recommendations, and a coach stays the course with you, encouraging and empowering you along the way. Lianda earned a 68 Credit Masters of Science Degree, In Counseling Education from Hunter College, NY. She’s a  Certified Life Coach, as well as being a Licensed HeartMath® Provider.
Masters of Science Degree from Hunter College, NYC

Master of Science Degree from Hunter College, NYC

Certificate: Certified Life Coach

Certification as Life Coach

Certificate from HeartMath

HeartMath Institute Certificate

Hypnosis-Certif -300

Lianda has always sought to find the hard science that is behind the reasons that alternative treatments work. A lifelong student of psychology and research, she earned her Masters of Science Degree (M.S.) in counseling from Hunter College, NYC, and has worked in a variety of settings that helped her see the big picture.  Lianda counseled women as an Assertiveness Training Specialist, and worked as a Behavioral Therapist in the world famous Canyon Ranch Health Spa and Resort.  Her interest in neuropsychology led her to see the power of the heart in emotional well-being and health and emotional eating, and to pursue training and licensing with HeartMath® .

After attaining her Masters Degree with honors from Hunter College, she attended the HeartMath®, LLC because of their focus on the scientific research behind the power of the heart, and became a licensed Stress Reduction Provider and Trainer. Lianda learned about using their biofeedback type of technology along with HeartMath’s proven strategies.  Their proprietary programs have been thoroughly researched, and are being used in Fortune 100 Companies, Healthcare and even educational placements successfully all over the world!

She also employs Meridian Tapping (EFT) and muscle testing (Kinesthiology) which have proven to have both amazing and very fast results. Lianda also studied Compassionate Communication, (Non-violent communication (CNVC.com),  as well as Eriksonian Hypnosis to focus on strategies that work quickly and effectively. She was a popular speaker and Behavioral Therapist, and led groups at the Life Enhancement Center at Canyon Ranch Health Resort.

Lianda is a best selling contributing author in her first book, “Align, Expand and Succeed, Shifting the Paradigm of Entrepreneurial Success” is about how stress and unhappiness were the factors that propelled entrepreneurs to make the change that led to their business success.  AES made it to #1 in four categories on Amazon!  Check in to find out more, and order your signed copy.

Lianda’s best selling Book: Diet Industry Lies That Make You Gain Weight was a Amazon #1 Best Seller. It’s available as a Kindle Book.


display-1 display-2 displayLianda is an Expert Author at EzineArticles.com, Self Growth.com, Networking USA and has been a contributing writer on Examiner.com and other blogs. Her blogs are known for humor, creative imagery and famous quotes to illustrate her points.

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Personal Statement:

After receiving my Masters Degree, I had what some would think of as an unfortunate task to commute 3.5 hours a day to my job as a counselor in NYC.  But I discovered the greatest use of my time and used the opportunity to read hundreds of books a year in the area of psychology, self-help, nutrition, energy medicine, spirituality and other related areas. That reading time was a gift that allowed me to learn the most cutting edge and amazing research to see the viewpoint of some of the greatest writers and thinkers, and how they view and solve human dilemmas. From this diverse BIG picture, I’ve found the most meaningful and effective methods to empower you to feel heartfelt relief by bringing integrity and meaning and rediscovered happiness into your life.


While I offer my services as a Counselor, and Coach, in the state of California unfortunately, there is no licensing available.  I have permanent counselor’s certification in NY State. However, under Sections 2053.5 and 2053.6 of California’s Business and Professions Code I am able to offer you my expertise and professional service.