The BIGGEST Stressors

The Serenity Prayer on a beautiful background

Serenity, Courage & Wisdom

You’ve probably heard there are stressors that are the most difficult for everyone to deal with:

  • Death of a loved one
  • Divorce/breakup of a relationship
  • Imprisonment
  • Loss of a Job
  • Financial problems
  • Retirement
  • Health Challenges 

Way down there on the list is MOVING. This is something that I will be doing for the third time in 1.5 years. Finding the right place, in the right time frame is a challenge.  I’ve put a lot of mileage on my Prius and even had to fill the tank a lot more than normally! AND, it’s prevented me from doing work while I’ve been scouring Craig’s List and making phone calls!

I can tell you that I am a talented stress reliever! After all, I’m teaching people how to do it, so I KNOW and DO follow my own advice. It has helped a LOT!

Going through this move has created a few “Ah HA” moments.  I have just realized that a big part of stress relief is TRUST. It’s the belief, the KNOWING that this is a temporary situation, and that things will change. “This too shall pass”.

There is a difference between “belief” and “knowing”. You don’t believe there is gravity, you KNOW it.

It’s also the perfectly expressed by the Serenity Prayer. When you can’t do anything to change a situation, you need acceptance; when you can change it, do so; and don’t stress about what you can’t change.

Sadly, I have close friends who have gone through what I don’t even like to imagine: the death of their child. Nothing can be worse than that. Perspective is also a way that helps one to cope with stress. I know many people say not to compare- but Buddha used that technique to help a woman deal with terrible stress and sorrow using this tool.

“Go to every house, and find one that does not have a mustard seed”, he told her. (I guess that was something that EVERYONE had in that region!). When she returned and reported to the Buddha that she couldn’t find one, the meaning became apparent. Everyone suffers.

I’m feeling a lot of relief right now. I hope this helps you too!

What have you found that helps you the most to deal with stress?