Procrastination + Perfectionism = STRESS

Perfectionists: Erasers can easily correct mistakes!
Perfectionists: Erasers can easily correct mistakes!

Perfectionism is NOT a good trait. It makes your life stressful! 

If you’ve ever been on a job interview, you are probably asked the trick question: “What’s is a problem that you have at work?” Many overachievers and other people will use a description of themselves as a “perfectionist”, thinking it makes them look good- that all their work is such high quality. But perfectionism is actually a hindrance at work and in personal life as well.

How, you might wonder, is doing things perfectly, a problem? Perfectionism is added pressure you choose to put on yourself and others. The way you do one thing is the way you do most things.

Consider this list, and see if you are there, not only as how you are in work, but in your personal life as well.

• You keep spinning your wheels and are not moving forward.

• You forget that pencils have erasers, and computers have “delete” keys.

• Your work often takes extra time.

• You are rarely happy with yourself.

• Your give yourself less options.

• Your creativity is not able to flow freely, because you judge it before you try out something different that may not yet be perfected.

• You don’t trust those around you to do the job to your standards and end up doing it yourself and giving yourself more work. (and potential burnout!)

• You tend to be judgmental with others, and they know and feel it. They may not feel comfortable being themselves and sharing with you.

• You rarely give yourself the credit you deserve.

• You are tense about how others are going to judge you and expect the worst.

• You tend to procrastinate because you are rarely confident you have done the best job.

• When you judge things, you see the world more in black and white.

• Your standards are higher for yourself than everyone else.

• You don’t want to make a mistake or let anyone see you being less than perfect.

• It’s really hard to relax and let it go.

• If you are being a perfectionist with your eating style, you will miss out on the joys of the foods that “aren’t on your diet” – and then may end up binging when your body takes over and says: YOU WILL EAT THIS!!….

Want to be a Recovering Perfectionist?

Be your own best friend and when you find yourself being perfectionistic. Stop, smile and push the “send” button. Enjoy your life: yes, give it your best, but remember you can always revise anything. You’ll be surprise how much you grow and how much less stressful and more peaceful your life is when you give up perfectionism!

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