Live In A Wellness Spa

gorgeous park with overhead wisteria in bloomHave you ever been to a lovely wellness resort or spa, and wished your life could be like this? Have you had a time when you were totally relaxed on vacation? Maybe you felt that experience of joy and peace while walking in nature?

If your life is filled with activity, and when someone asks, “How are you?” your answer is “busy”, it’s time for a change before it’s too late!

Are you a busy executive, manager or an entrepreneur  or working mother who does TOO MUCH? You have TOO little time and too many things to accomplish? Is multi-tasking a way of life for you? Are you feeling overwhelmed and suffering with poor sleep, head or muscle aches, hypertension or other physical problems? Do you feel burned out? Or are you an overworked parent with too many jobs, and too little time to take care of yourself?

Some people seem to know how to cope with stress better than others.  If you are someone who gets overwhelmed and can’t manage the pressure and stress, your life can be filled with both physical symptoms, and unhappiness.

Have you been to or dreamed of going to a wellness spa to decompress, revitalize and escape the stress of your “normal” life?  How would you like to make your “regular” life an extension of that wellness spa experience?

Even though you may not be able to take a long weekend, or a lovely restorative week, every day in your life you have the opportunity to take yourself to a personal retreat. Bringing balance into your life is not just a thing you “should” do, but an imperative activity to assure emotional and physical health in your life.

Time away for yourself is something that you can and must allow. Even if it’s a comfortable chair, or a bunch of pillows that give you a comfortable spot where you can sit comfortably, look at a beautiful book, or even photos that give you joy. Perhaps you have a nearby park where you can take some time to get back in touch with yourself.

Mealtime by yourself can be another method of nurturing yourself. Think about what food you want to eat; set the table; put on music that relaxes you, and then sit and enjoy your food mindfully.

It’s going to be up to you to implement these easy, joyful activities that will give you the feeling that you just returned from a trip to a wellness spa and all is well! But first you have to realize that you DO have time – and you deserve to take that time for yourself!

I look forward to hearing from you about ideas about how you have brought, or can bring balance and peace into your life!