Can Creativity Harm Your Health?

woman is worrying about the future

Worrying is creative thinking. If you are imagining “what if” scenarios, you are being creative! But instead of conjuring up fun, positive events, scenarios, and options, if you are focused on a negative outcome, your creativity may be getting you sick!

In fact, worry creates the very thing that you want to avoid! While you are thinking about the scary, frightening, upsetting or negative possibilities, your BODY is experiencing the event as if it were actually occurring in the moment! It creates a physiological state of stress in your body. And stress can get you sick!

Don’t you generally “get sick” just when you can afford it the least? You’re exposed to thousands/millions/billions of germs all the time, but your body’s immune system can generally fight off those germs. What makes one germ break through when the others don’t? It’s because your immune system is compromised by stress and unable to beat back the attack. And stress is very often the result of negative creative thinking!

Tips to Turn Off Worry and Anxiety

  • Do a “Scarlett O’Hara”. You may remember the great book and movie: Gone With The Wind? Scarlett, the main character had a great way to deal with her worries: “I’ll think about it tomorrow” she said; and then she focused on something else.

– You can put your worries on a sheet of paper, and then save it “For  later”, or your “Back Burner” responsibilities.

  • Use your creative thoughts to imagine and encourage positive outcomes:

– As soon as you realize that you are worrying, flip the scene and imagine a positive outcome instead:
– What would the best possible outcome look like?
– Feel yourself experiencing the happy event- This actually can start the Law Of Attraction to bring about – the focus of your thoughts!

  • Take a walk in nature – get some exercise.
    – That helps clear out mental cobwebs.
    – Yoga is a great practice that takes your mind into the present, and focuses you on your body.
  • Listen to happy music. Music can alter your mood
  •  Be Mindful: Focus your thoughts on the present
    – Feel your body sitting in your chair, feel your breath.
    – Realize that right now, right here, you are fine, and safe.
  • Think about something for which you feel GRATITUDE. That is the antidote to stress!
  • Use aromatics or Essential Oils- burn incense, use lavender essential oils in your environment to bring a sense of calm.
  • Change the lighting where you are to make it less intense. Turn off fluorescent bulbs.
  • Have a snack of something sweet and salty and eat it mindfully. Nurturing yourself with food helps focus you in the moment; and salty and sweet food can boost your adrenal functions (which effect your hormonal reaction to stress.)
  • Make a calm spot in your home for a retreat from stress.

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