One Day Cure for Depression

sad woman holding her head

So many people are plagued with sadness and actual clinical depression. More than 1 in 10 people are actually taking anti-depressants drugs. But do they actually work? There are many different studies with different findings, but on the whole the findings show that these drugs having little more effect than a placebo. It’s reported that the relationship with the doctor is more important that the actual medication.  And add to that the litany of adverse reactions, and taking the drugs may end up being more debilitating than the original depression.

But there is an actual one day cure for depression. It may sound strange to you, but this actually works. Tie your  right arms behind your back for one entire day. (tie your dominant hand so you can’t use it). That’s all. Poof- depression gone!

The question is WHY does this work? It’s because of mindfulness. Having to re-learn and concentrate on doing EVERYTHING you habitually do during the day keeps your mind focused. You don’t have time to think about the things that are causing your depression!

Mindfulness, being here, and meditation is now is being shown as a very promising method of improving the symptoms of depression. Distorted thinking, difficulty concentrating and forgetfulness have all shown improvement when you meditate. And if you’ve “tried” to meditate but “can’t” do it- keep at it. It’s called a “practice” because everyone’s mind wanders. Just notice when you start thinking, and gently bring your mind back to your practice. No harsh judgment, negative description of your inability is necessary- just being gentle, and accepting of yourself.

There are LOTS of ways to be mindful and to meditate. My favorite is yoga- keeping my mind focused on my body and breath as I slowly move through various positions. Yoga is a doubly wonderful practice that helps your mind AND body relax. The point is – there are many complementary treatments you can use for depression and anxiety – and just regular old stress. Mindful practices are totally under your control and there are no bad side effects.

Only you can-