I can’t meditate

a woman calm in meditation

Practically every day a new report comes out telling you about all the positive effects from meditation:

  • increases brain mass,
  • reduces physical pain,
  • improves your mood,
  • improves your memory,
  • lowers stress…. and a lot more.

Perhaps you’ve tried to meditate, sitting quietly following your breath. But you find that your mind is constantly wandering. You try again, but your mind just jumps around, perhaps you even fall asleep. You feel disgusted with yourself, and frustrated because you “can’t meditate” and won’t be able to benefit from all those potential improvements in your health and well-being.

I have some good news for you. You are not different from anyone else! Mediation is a PRACTICE. In fact, the more your mind wanders, the more opportunity you have to gently refocus your mind, and actually improve your willpower. If your mind didn’t wander, it wouldn’t be a challenge.

The most important part of meditation is to be gentle with yourself. Don’t get angry or judgmental. Say to yourself: Oh, I just realized that my mind is wandering, I’m going back to my practice”. You can even put a gentle “Mona Lisa” smile on your face.

There are MANY different types of meditation – not just focusing on your breath. Keep coming back to learn new strategies that may work better with your personality. And don’t forget to sign up for my new report that will give you 7 ONE minute tools to Obliterate Stress! (hint: a new type of meditation is just one of them!)


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