Heart-centered Entrepreneurs: Are you suffering from Compassion Overload?

Unhappy business woman

If your business is about helping others, it’s important to take of yourself first. Heart centered entrepreneurs often struggle with wanting to help their clients so much that they can suffer from stress and eventual burnout. Many heart centered entrepreneurs care so much about their clients that they end up giving free advice, rather than charging clients for the time and expertise they are receiving.

How do you set boundaries without sounding uncaring and harsh?

The first and most important step to communicating your needs to your clients is BELEIVING in yourself:

  • Believing that you have valuable information
  • Believing that your information is worth paying for
  • Believing that you deserve to be paid
  • Believing that you can make “no” sound as positive as “yes”

Get over fear of rejection

None of us like criticism or feeling rejected. However, when you understand that whatever anyone says to you is simply THEIR opinion, that can help distance yourself from negative emotions. When you respond defensively, you are doing damage to a relationship.

There are excellent ways to communicate “no” that become easy with practice. My templates for communication skills give you an easy way to fill in the blanks, right in the moment.

The fact is, your clients want and need to be acknowledged even before you start working with them. It’s important to respond to those needs, and set a foundation for compassionate communication that increases the probability you will:

Get what you want, and 

  • If you don’t get what you want, feel good about it anyway
  • Establish a foundation of honest, respectful communication to begin your coaching relationship.

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Speak from your heart, and remember what your mother taught you: If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it all. ANYTHING you need to say, no matter how angry or hurt, or afraid you are, can be said with compassionate communication. And that will not only make the other person feel better, but it’s good for your health, your heart and your business.

Have you walked away saying: “I should have said…..”? Please comment below