Fighting Mother Nature

Humans think they know best. They think that they can burn the candle at both ends, and not get burned. But it’s simply not true. Eventually, you will suffer from burnout!

Humans need to realize that we are equipped by nature with a perfect operating system: WHEN we listen to it.

Stress is the result of ignoring one of our three part operating system. When you think you “should”, but your emotions tell you that you don’t “want” to do something, your body is going to give you a symptom that tells you: PAY ATTENTION!  Get into alignment.

If you ignore it, your body will ramp up the symptoms until you HAVE TO pay attention. You’ll get a cold when you can “least afford” to take time off from work. Try to push through it, and the symptoms will get worse, you’ll get sicker, until you have no choice. You MUST get rest.

Sometimes people like to think that we are different from nature; somehow above it. After all, if we get sick, we can take a pill to make the symptoms go away (very often).

But how do we get sick in the first place? It’s generally a result of a choice that we’ve made about how to live our lives by being too busy and ignoring our needs. We get out of balance.

I get hysterical when I see the new diseases that TV ads are trying to create. Protect yourself from GERMS on your cell phone, door nobs, everywhere…. Kill those little bugs, and leave the strong ones to multiply and become resistant and super bugs!

Fear and stress are probably the greatest contributing factor to illness. Add a dose of overwhelm: being TOO busy, worry about how other people will judge you, and voila, you have a compromised immune system. Ordinary germs in your system become stronger because you killed off those weak bugs that your strong immune system would have destroyed.

Now your body goes into its next symptom request: “Give me some rest, let me sweat it out, and recuperate”. But people who are above nature say: “NO, I have to go to work”.

So you take medicine that stops your body from ridding itself of the mucus that needs to get out. Instead when you take a decongestant, it just sits inside you, and instead of leaving your body. And then you take medicine to make your temperature go down: that’s also nature’s way to destroy germs that can’t take the heat!

What if… what if we followed nature’s suggestion: rest, drink fluids, eat if, and what you are hungry for, stop being so busy! It turns out, that when we do this, our body recovers 3 days faster that trying to beat it into submission.

Your body is sending you the message of last resort. When you ignore what you think, what you feel and try to push through, your body will finally read you the riot act, and MAKE you slow down and stop. It’s just a matter of time!

Don’t work yourself sick. Get some balance in your life- and remember: No one’s gravestone says: “I should have worked more hours”.