EFT Meridian Tapping for Entrepreneurial Stress, plus..

Natural Response to shock: EFT

Are YOU Stressed Out?

It’s been estimated that almost 95% of  visits to doctors is to treat a stress related illness. That means that there is an emotional component that is affecting your health.

Emotional Freedom Technique: EFT says it in it’s name. Your emotions are affecting your health, and the tapping technique will FREE you from its effect on your health.

You know how you get sick, “when you can least afford it”? How worrying, and focusing on pain makes it worse; but when your mind is elsewhere the pain recedes until you once again think about it? When you are stressed, it’s hard to think, decide and remember important details? There is an emotional component in all sickness and pain, whether physical or emotional. This is where EFT has its strongest abilities – to quickly show you results. Measurable change that  can happen in a matter of a few minutes, and last!

That’s a pretty bold statement, don’t you think? I am speaking from personal experience, and from the statements of my clients when I tell you that EFT can release the blocked emotional feelings and associated thoughts that are negatively affecting your health and and your well-being.

What is EFT?

It combines ancient Chinese medicine acupressure, Modern Psychology and Energy Medicine in fast easy techniques that provides startling results in all areas of your life. In fact, there are a number of different methods to perform EFT, and they all seem to work well! It can help you to

  • Relieve Pain
  • Clears Negative Emotions
  • Helps clarify your thoughts
  • Can release subconscious emotions and thoughts to your conscious mind
  • Overcome Limiting Beliefs
  • Improves Relationships

EFT uses a gentle tapping technique on acupuncture meridians on the face and body in combination with verbalizing the identified problem while experiencing the associated emotion.

shocked expression_spikenheimer

Just consider this; you’ve probably naturally done EFT without even knowing it. Try to recall a time that you were shocked. ALL people respond the same way in their body language. Your eyebrows go up, eyes widen, and you bring your hand or hands to your face. You have just touched all of the EFT meridian points on your face! Isn’t that amazing? Of course, it doesn’t change the shocked emotion unless you tap on the spots.

There are also alternative meridian points that you can tap; on your hand, when you want to tap and not be noticed in public. Check out my Youtube video to see.

I use EFT to help my heartcentered entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed from the pressure of having to do and be everything in their work to be successful. Using EFT Tapping, is a great pressure reliever which then allows you to think clearly, and make the best decisions about your business.

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