Your Heart Knows…

Awakening to You

“Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart.. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.” Carl Jung had a unique psychological viewpoint. This quote,  illuminates the difference between seeking answers from outside yourself, or looking inside and trusting the knowledge already in your heart.

In the west, we are so focused on the power of the brain; and believe it to be the most important organ in our body. Of course, each organ serves its own important function and is necessary. There are no spare parts just sitting around! Luckily, we have a redundant system with our kidneys, being that we have two. But it’s a lot harder to function with one that relying on both!

Our Heart is truly the “core” and center of our body. Indeed, the first sign of life in a fetus is a beating heart, and that’s before there’s even a brain stem. You can be brain dead, but if your heart continues to beat, your life continues. The heart actually has it’s own brain inside its walls. It’s magnetic and electrical field is stronger than the brain’s. And your heart also stores memories.

Fascinating stories are told by heart transplant recipients who say they got more than a pump when they received their new heart. They report changes in their personality, memories, even using words they never knew. In one particularly eerie story, a young child received a heart and then started having horrible nightmares.Her mother took her to the surgeon who was perplexed at the child’s report. The nightmares continued, and the girl reported seeing a murder. Her report was so clear that the mother took her to the police. It was discovered that she received the heart of a child who had been murdered. From the details the recipient told the police, they were able to identify, arrest and convict the killer of the murdered child.

Why does this matter? Because when you are confused, stressed out; it’s because there’s a disconnect between your thoughts and your feelings. You are out of alignment, your head saying one thing, and your heart disagreeing. Your body then reacts with physical symptoms of dis-comfort.

When we are unsure of our path, decision making, what action to take, most people rely on their thoughts. I’ve learned to use the power of my heart to resolve problems. With doing HeartMath’s simple but powerful techniques, and focusing and connecting with your heart, you too can find the answer you know in your heart. When you follow it’s direction, it simplifies the issues and relieves the stress.

How do you do it? I’m really thankful that over 20 years of research, the HeartMath® Institute has done peer reviewed research, and has developed wonderful, effective programs, along with a biofeedback kind of device called EmWave to show you exactly how you can connect with your heart. With practice with this device, you can see in real time, how you are calming down so you can access the intelligence in your heart. Along with stress relief, a new resilience to problems that used to bother you, becomes your new way of handling life. It improves your mood, your health, your relationships. This is no exaggeration. 

Inner Balance app for iphone and android

If you are having a hard time “seeing” a clear solution to what ails you, try HeartMath’s programs. I’m a licensed trainer since 2000, and have found a profound peace that has improved my health, my ability to sleep, concentrate and even improvement in my creativity. You deserve to have this in your life.

If you have an iphone or android, there’s a new app where you can install it directly on your phone. And there’s also a handheld device that’s smaller than your phone, as well as a wonderful software program for both a Mac and a PC.

Don’t suffer. Get into your heart’s space, and ask your heart for a better way to handle the situation. When you are calm, you will hear the answer!



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