When is it finally the right time?

My beloved Hoya plant


When is time right?

I’ve always been interested in nutrition, alternative health, and living as “naturally”- taking care of the environment. Part of that is about avoiding chemicals.

But when do you finally say: I’ve sincerely tried it that natural route, given it my best, but now must follow another path?

Look, even monks who sit and meditate get diseases and eventually die from something. And they don’t have all the social interaction, responsibilities, time constraints, stress that most of society has. They are not experiencing overwhelm from overwork! And, they supposedly have more control over their thoughts and emotions.

So when does someone who does his or her best to “walk their talk” of living naturally, give in and take the pill?

I have a hoya plant that must be the great great grandchild of my original plant I had over 30 years ago. I brought it with me in the car when I moved from New York to Tucson, and then again moved to California. It feels like a relative! But in the past 5 years (yes, that long) I have battling a bunch of persistent mealy bugs. It’s me against the bugs. I’ve been vigilant. I tried the natural approach for most of the time, washing them off, wiping them away; then dishwashing liquid. I went so far as to use Neem Oil, which I’ve been assured is natural (I’ve used the oil on my skin for a rash). But those bugs don’t care. As soon as I turn my back, they’re back, hiding on the most tender new growth, sucking the life out of those leaves.

I had a medical condition that was a not life threatening, but miserable. My doctor insisted that the ONLY way to get my life back, where I would no longer be dealing with the situation all day and night, was surgery. I don’t like surgery. I didn’t want to go through it, and was afraid of possible side effects. Believe me, I read about all of the possibilities. And I tried the natural remedies for 6 months.

At some point, I think surgery and Round Up are called for. The surgery worked out amazingly well and has improved my life 150%. I bless my surgeon. My plant is awaiting it’s intervention with Round Up. I HATE Monsanto. I LOVE my plant.

When is it time to be happy we live in modern times when we have anesthesthesia and competent surgeons and give in and have the surgery?

In life, there are times and situations where, after we’ve done our personal best, it turns out we don’t have the ability to fix a problem the way we thought we could, or even the way it “SHOULD” have worked. Maybe that business idea didn’t work out; the relationship is going nowhere; the diet or  exercise you are doing is not helping your health.

The best course of action is to finally stop stressing about it. Here are success skills that keep you moving forward:

  • Give yourself credit for doing your best,
  • forgive yourself for not achieving the goal,
  • pay attention to what you’ve learned, and
  • congratulate yourself for having the flexibility to try something different.

It’s time.


     Have you had a challenge like this in your life? How     long did it take you to move on? What did you do?