Stressed Out? Warm Your Hands

3-Part-INTER-dependent System- Why Mind/Body Isn’t Enough

Next time you are feeling stressed, pay attention to the temperature in your hands!

Research shows that hand temperature can be an indicator of your body’s reaction to stress. The most fascinating part about it is, that you can change your stress level, and your reaction to stress by warming your hands!

I know it sounds crazy, but that’s how your “3 part system” works. This is an interconnected system of Mind (Thoughts)/Body(Action)/Emotions(Feelings). Most of the time when Mind/Body medicine treatments don’t work, it’s because it leaves out the 3rd part of this INTER-Dependent system: your EMOTIONS! That’s where Heartfelt Stress Relief is different. My programs incorporate your emotions, to change your mind and improve your health and performance.

Think of the system as a 3 legged stool (a triangle is the strongest structure).

Stress can be seen in your posture, your facial expression, and yes, the temperature of your hands. By warming your hands, you can change your thoughts and emotions!

That’s because in your 3 part system, you can break into a negative pattern through any of the parts, and it will effect the entire system! So, you can warm your hands by holding a warm cup of tea, focusing your thoughts about bringing more blood into your hands, or bringing up an emotion such as the enjoyable feeling of petting a sleepy warm puppy.

Voila! Your hands will warm up, and your stress level will go down. Now I know this sounds pretty “woo-woo”, but I assure you this is thoroughly researched by real scientists, and reported in respected medical journals. And now YOU know how to do it!

Remember the saying: Warm hands, warm heart – AND warm thoughts. Bye bye stress!