Stress is sending a message through your symptoms


Do you get migraine headaches or some other frequent ailment? This can be your body sending you a message. The question is: are you paying attention?

Hannah Ransom, and I are  Staff Authors for 180Degree Health . She writes:

Imagine a scenario in which a patient is seeking the help of a practitioner for pain in her wrist. Practitioner number one does a physical examination, has an assistant take x-rays, examines the x-rays, and may talk to the patient for a moment about what the patient does with her wrist. She ends the consultation by prescribing a pill daily, a brace to be worn by the patient, and recommends cutting down on wrist movement as much as possible. Practitioner 1 notes that 90% of the wrist pain should be gone in X amount of days and that there could be a few side effects from the pills.

Practitioner number two has a long discussion with the patient about not only what she does with her wrist, but what is going on in the rest of her life, if anything changed around the time that her wrist started hurting, etc. Practitioner 2 would likely give her a couple of ideas, and perhaps even provide a couple of treatments that may not seem related at all. Practitioner 2 would encourage her to examine a couple spots in her life that seem to be related, though she doesn’t understand the relation at all, and practitioner 2 would tell her to tune into her wrist and ask what it wants.

Who would you visit for medical advice?

My answer:

Practitioner 2 is trying to get the patient to discover the message that their body is sending them. Allopathic medicine is about suppressing those messages by making symptoms go away!

Illness is the result of a disagreement between what your head is telling you, and what you “know in your heart”. Then the body responds with a signal, by showing you there is some di-stress.

Any person can understand what it means when they are in dis-ease. What would your body part be saying to you if it could talk? What is the literal meaning- if you call a person a “pain in the neck, or ass?

If you don’t “know” all you have to do is make it up! That’s the correct answer. The only question is: will you pay attention, or “push through” the pain and the sickness. The likelihood is, your symptoms will ramp up, until you HAVE TO listen and honor the body!

Allopathic medicine, and diets teach us to ignore what our body is telling us: take a pill and make the symptoms go away; starve yourself to lose weight, although you are hungry…. It just makes matters worse!

When you learn to listen to your body’s symptoms and understand the message it’s telling you, that’s when you can begin to heal. Too often people force themselves to continue a path that gets you sicker until you reach a “dead end”. Stress is not a small event that you can continuously ignore. The majorities of heart attacks take place on Monday morning. Hmmm, can you think why that might be?

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