Steve Jobs + The Enneagram

What Personality Type are you in the Enneagram?

Enneagram Personality Types – you can only be one!

Understanding other people’s thought process, emotions and ensuing behaviors is a highly valuable skill. Whether you are an entrepreneur, or just wanting to relate better to others in personal relationships, The Enneagram is an amazing tool. In business, I know that many people use the Myers-Briggs test, but my preference is for the Enneagram.

I just finished reading the wonderful biography of Steve Jobs, which I HIGHLY recommend! Learning so much about Jobs personality, I immediately thought of the Enneagram, and considered what personality type he would have been.

I feel certain I am correct because I had great difficulty typing myself for years, until I realized that the “wings”, as well as the path of integration vs. disintegration helped me to finally determine my number.

After reading Isaacson’s wonderful book about Jobs, I feel sure that Steve was a 4, with a 5 wing. He saw himself as an artist, and the details of all his projects were based upon his esthetic viewpoint. Fours are described as inspired and highly creative, emotionally honest, personal, but can also be moody. His path of integration towards the 1, fits perfectly with his perfectionistic focus on every product that was either “perfect or crap”.

When you view Job’s behaviors and personality through the eyes of the 4, you can see him clearly.

Whatever his number, Jobs, the Individualist, was a giant of our and ANY time, and I feel so lucky to have lived under the contributions he made to so many areas of life. He has truly changed the world.
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I have long loved the Enneagram to understand and be able to predicts other’s behaviors. It is a powerful tool!

What’s YOUR number?