Overwhelmed with Work

Pushing-a-Boulder-Up-HillIf you are a heart-centered solo-entrepreneur, working to help others with your business, you probably have very high standards. Yes, running a business where you are where the “buck stops”, entails lots of jobs that may not be the most interesting to you (like filing, planning, doing social media, and even marketing). You may just want to be out there working with your  ideal client, but know you MUST put time in to those other activities.

Do you put off doing the work you don’t like? Are you finding that you’ve put it off so long that you now have a pile on your desk, and post-it notes all over the walls? Are you starting to feel overwhelmed? When you look at all the work you need to do, do you start feeling a little sick;  is your heart beating hard, are you afraid that you can’t do it?

Many coaches will tell you that you NEED to set aside the time and push through the work. But I have a different approach. I say it’s time to de-stress before you “push yourself” through the work.

Procrastination is most often due to a misalignment between what you think, and your emotions. I call it a disconnect between your head and your heart. You’ll stay stuck unless you:

  • get calm
  • find out what is bothering either your thoughts, or your emotions
  • resolve the misalignment
  • make a plan that both your head and heart approve of
  • forgive yourself for not getting it done yet, and be grateful that you are not ignoring the issue, but taking care of it now.

There are two excellent strategies to get you head and heart in alignment, so that you can begin a plan of action. The first is EFT Meridian Tapping to unblock your stuck thoughts and feelings. EFT works so well, that if you don’t first check in and WRITE DOWN the number that is your SUD rating,  subjective unit of distress – 0-10) after you Tap, you won’t believe how much better you feel!

Tapping works quickly and can last for a long time, especially when you get to the root cause of your problem.

After that, HeartMath stress relief program is the most profound system to make you more resilient to stress. When you are doing stress relief, you must realize that you are already experiencing feelings of stress. HeartMath can actually help PREVENT stress. Things that used make you uncomfortable are perceived differently; they’re not a big deal anymore. Both of these techniques combine to give you a new perspective on your business. It’s important to build in time for a break from work, work, work. If you don’t give yourself time away, you’ll end up resenting your business, and eventually your clients. You could even put yourself on the path to burnout!

Take time away from your desk, every couple of hours. Change your focus. Tap a little if you’re stuck; use HeartMath to focus on gratitude. Then notice how much easier it is to accomplish your goals, even when they were not things you were excited about! And as a wonderful addition, you’ll enjoy your work better, and be able to make better decisions as well.


What causes the most stress for you? Please comment at the bottom