One Word Can Change Your Life

heart with meme thankful heart is a happy heart
How to be thankful on this and every day –
Think of the things you have to do :
  • Wake up early
  • Go to work
  • Cook/food shopping/chores
  • Call your mother
  • All your daily responsibilities
  • Go to the gym, or work out
  • Eat dinner with your family
Today can be the day when you make the most important change that will transform the inner landscape of your feelings- it will create a new attitude.

It comes with changing one word.
Instead of “having to” or “needing to” do all the activities in your life:

Use the word: “GET
“I GET to go to work……. “ 
Think of the attitude change that simple word imparts. It will be life changing when you substitute “have to” or “need to” with GET.

The words we use to describe our lives reflect our actual true inner feelings. Sometimes those words become habitual and form an actual connection that I describe as a “rut” that is hard to break out of, and change. Those negative thought patterns can affect not only your attitude, but your health as well.

Stop believing you are a victim, constrained to a certain life. Empower yourself with realizing you are fortunate and grateful for your life and the things you get to do. It could be a LOT worse! (consider the alternatives!)

“Get” thankful and watch your life- your mood and your health improve.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!