Never enough time causes stress

Multi-tasking is rarely efficient

How many jobs do you have?

Have you ever thought of the impact of TIME on your stress level? The more things you have to do seems to decrease the amount of time you have in your day. 
How do you prioritize the use your limited hours? So many people skip meals, multi-task, rush through what they “need” to get done, push away from friends and relatives because you don’t have the time for enjoyment,
Many over-achievers think that THEY are the only one who can do something right, and rarely let or even ask others for help. 
When you don’t allow others to help, or you don’t let them do the job, they will never learn how to do it, and YOU will always be stuck doing the work. Furthermore, you are “enabling” others to do less and never achieve their full potential. This is truly shooting yourself in the foot!
If you really think about it; skipping meals, multi-taking, rushing, all add up to a couple of things: Not taking care of yourself, not doing the activity as well as it could be done; not taking the time to enjoy your life.
Rushing is one of the biggest stressors. It’s something that you create for yourself! Skipping meals can actually make you gain weight (another BIG stress); multi-tasking actually takes longer than starting and completing one task at a time- and it’s never done as well. Eliminating the time you spend with people you care about can never be regained. A child is young only once, elderly relatives may not be around when you finally have time for them. Rushing through your life makes it SEEM as if it’s going by faster- and it may, from the effect of stress!

“I don’t have the time.”

Next time you find yourself thinking that you need to “clone yourself” to achieve more, sit down and take a break. The time away, relaxing and breathing will actually make your more efficient, calmer and happier. And when you are happier, you are also healthier! 
When you are rushing and under time contstraints, your body is tense, and it is actually harder to concentrate and remember important details. It’s oftentimes during time pressure that you end up getting sick! Your body tells you: ENOUGH, you NEED TO STOP. And when you don’t listen to your heart, which is saying, “I’m not happy”, and you ignore your head saying, “this is too much”, your body steps in and takes control. You get sick, because you are overwhelmed. Then you HAVE TO take the break.
I know too many women and men who got sick from overwhelm.They ignored their body’s signs until the got REALLY sick: a heart attack, even cancer! Don’t let this happen to you. Get balance in your life. Put on your own oxygen mask. You are NOT super(wo)man, and don’t need to be. Let others help; allow them to make their mistakes, and learn from them so that they can grow. Build in time for relaxation and restoring your personal needs. Do it before it’s too late!