Body Awareness

How many times have you said to yourself: I SHOULD have listened to that “gut feeling”?  Have you ignored the signals your body gives you, that something is wrong…. or something is going to happen…..?

Your body holds “truths” that your mind and emotions may not be able to explain. And your body holds the anxiety when your mind and emotions are in conflict. Ignoring these signals often results in illness and disease. Here’s a great TED talk that explains why…

Ignore your body’s signals at your own peril. Or LEARN how to listen, decode and manage the inner meaning. Stress can create those physical symptoms. Stress Management will relieve those emotional feelings, negative thoughts and physical symptoms which can make your life miserable.

Let me empower you to manage your stress using EmWave– a handheld biofeedback type of device that shows you- in real time, how you are able to lower your stress level, and build your resilience to stressful events.


EmWave personal stress relief in your hand


With the purchase of your EmWave, you will receive a 30 minute strategy session to determine the source of your stress, and devise a relief plan of action. 

(as soon as your purchase goes through, you will receive an evaluation form, and an appointment scheduler to set up your no-cost appointment)

Only $199!!Personal Stress Relief is in YOUR Hands

Personal Stress Relief is in YOUR Hands


Let’s get started, and get you on the path to heartfelt stress relief!