Learn How To Meditate

successful people meditate

You read every day about the benefits of meditation. You’ve tried to meditate by following your breath, but your mind just wanders and you feel like you’re wasting time. Maybe you think that you don’t even have the time to meditate.

But you try again, and your mind just jumps around, perhaps you even fall asleep. You feel disgusted with yourself, and frustrated because you “can’t meditate” and won’t be able to benefit from all those potential improvements in your health and well-being.

I have some good news for you. You are not different from anyone else! Mediation is a PRACTICE. In fact, the more your mind wanders, the more opportunity you have to gently refocus your mind, and actually improve your willpower. If your mind didn’t wander, it wouldn’t be a challenge. But there is actually a way to help you develop a good meditative practice! It’s called “guided meditation”. Instead of being left to your own devices, a gentle voice (you will have a choice of male or female) will lead you in a focused direction that will be just as effective as focusing on your breath.

No more getting down on yourself, feeling frustrated or a failure at meditation. The hardest thing about this guided meditation practice will be setting a schedule and sticking to it. (I’ll write more about that in my blog, so make sure to subscribe so you’ll get that information).

Believe me, you will really start to feel a new calm come into your life. Meditation is great for pain relief, mood improvement stress management – and research is showing it actually changes and improves the structure of your brain!

When’s the best time to plant a tree? 30 years ago

When the second best time to plant a tree? NOW!

It’s the same for meditation