Is Hidden Shame From The Past Holding You Back?

adorable beagle puppy looking guilty

I gave a workshop this past weekend called “Tapping Away Pain”. I realized that the pain most people bury away is the emotional pain of being teased, humiliated, or shamed. These feelings create stress in your emotions and your body!

Everyone has their own story about what is causing them stress. But one of the things that most people in this workshop had in common was that they remembered something someone said or did to them that humiliated them.  Do you too, have this in your history? That shame, or embarrassment  is still alive and functioning in their subconscious mind. That feeling can be preventing you from some activity where you might be shamed again. What is that memory holding you back from doing in your own life? These feelings of shame can create  perfectionism, which prevents you from doing an activity for fear of not doing it perfectly! How has fear of embarrassment, humiliation stopping you from fully living your life?

This is a tough subject to face. Just thinking about that time can bring back those miserable feelings of the person who shamed you, perhaps there were others that laughed; maybe you are still thinking: I SHOULD have said….?

EFT can help you go back and “redo” that memory, removing the emotional intensity, and giving you EMOTIONAL Freedom from its effect. Don’t live your life constrained by the memories of past hurts and fear of having it happen again. You deserve to live your life to the fullest.

In our workshop, we tapped on releasing humiliation and embarrassment. All of the participants in the workshop joined in this round of tapping with gusto. After just one round of tapping their faces were glowing. I actually heard a sigh of relief escape from the room!  And I noticed a straightening of their spines, and more confident posture. Are you holding hurtful words somewhere that need to be vanquished? EFT is a wonderful tool to breakthrough and vanquish these terrible memories.  Contact me to get started on your path to Emotional Freedom!

Make-It-So-SignatureDo you have an embarrassing event that keeps you from living your life fully? If you dealt with it, and want to share below, please do! You’ll help others with your comments.