Is an Evil Chimp Ruling Your Life?

Is an Evil Chimp Ruling Your Life?

All day long, there’s an inner voice that’s talking inside your head. When you are not concentrating on something specific (like reading, or focused attention) your inner voice is constant. In the East, they call it “Monkey Mind”. That image makes you think of a monkey that jumps from branch to branch, in constant motion. I think that some people have an Evil Chimp that is constantly communicating inside their brain:

“WHY are you doing that? That’s crazy!  You can’t do that, people are going to laugh at you – You’re no good….”

That Evil Chimp is actually limiting your choices and actions in your life. Those negative thoughts create stress and can even get you sick! Procrastination is very much the result of your Inner Evil Chimp convincing you that it is futile to move ahead with your project.

Angel whispering in your ear

Is an Angel whispering in your ear?


Many people have an opposing Angel on their shoulder. But unfortunately, for many people thatchimp’s voice is a LOT louder, and more insistent. When you hear the words of your Inner Evil Chimp, they keep you from trying new things, speaking your mind, being your TRUE self.

You’ve probably heard of the practice of saying affirmations. Those are positive statements that are meant to help you feel confident, and replace the negative self talk. The only problem is, affirmations only work while you are focused on them. 90 percent of the time, your unconscious self-talk is continuing. Unless you are prepared to have a constant argument between the Evil Chimp and the Angel on your shoulder, your unconscious thoughts are going to win.

AND, the more you continue to think negative thoughts, the harder it becomes to break this habit. Constant or habitual thoughts create actual patterns or “ruts” in your brain’s structure!

The way it works is like riding a bike on a muddy road. The bike makes imprints in the mud, and the more you follow the track, the deeper those ruts get. Then it’s hard to move out of the track and take a different path.

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What does YOUR Inner Evil Chimp say to YOU? Please share your comments below!