We use words to describe our emotions as if they reside in our hearts. We have heartfelt feelings, we speak from the heart, we’re heartbroken, we love with all our hearts. Why is it that no matter what culture you come from, the heart is identified as the home of our emotions? It’s because it’s true. And we KNOW it in our hearts!

Here’s a story of a couple who loved each other so much that even life couldn’t separate them. After 70 years of marriage,  only hours after his wife died, this husband could no longer live without her. He died of a broken heart.

This story shows you that the stress of sadness can kill. This husband was heartbroken.

Everything has an opposite. Where unhappiness can make you sick and even kill you, love and joy have the power to heal. This is the source of Mind/Body medicine. Your emotions have the power to make your sick OR heal you!

Happiness is a choice, despite the situation. If you feel lonely, find someone else who feels lonely and help them. It’s your choice whether you want to be happy and healthy, or sad and sick. Let your happy heart lead the way!  You can learn how to connect with the power of your heart to manage stress and improve your health. Don’t wait until you are heartbroken.