Facing Your Fears

There are times in your life when things aren’t going like you planned. It can make you scared about the future, and wondering if you can achieve the goals that you have made for yourself. It’s those times when it’s good to look back over your life, and remember the things you did of which you are proud, and your accomplishments. It can strengthen you to face obstacles, and detours that may take us in a different direction than we originally planned. It also builds your self esteem when you focus on the positive things in your life.

I was particularly happy to have found this particular video tape that showed me doing something that for me was a great challenge: running for public office against an encumbent! It meant learning the issues, having a plan, public speaking and being able to defend it in a public forum and even on radio and TV.

What achievements are you proud about in your life? Sometimes, a goal is scary, but the importance of what you want to achieve helps you to overcome the fear. I was always interested in politics, but never thought to run for office before. I’m proud that I did, and look back at this event in my life as something for which I am very proud.

Although I didn’t win in the primary, I lost only by 500 votes. Not to seem a sore loser; the other candidate DID change her party affiliation after I called her out about being a Republicrat. And I am very proud of myself, and thankful for all the people who came out and supported me. Although it was a long time ago, it gives me strength to think back, and remember my achievement of facing the fears and still doing the action. 

So when you are finding yourself feeling tentative, remember your past accomplishments, and how it got you to where you are now.