Do You Ask for Advice – and then Reject It?


If you have a tough decision to make, do you go to people you trust for their advice? It’s great having people you respect who are willing to listen and help you make a decision. But why are you so willing to give away your personal power to know what’s best for you?

Yes, having an open mind and heart lets you explore other options and consequences that you may not have considered before. Another person’s perspective can bring that viewpoint. But do you feel obligated to take their advice?

The fact is, people always make their own decisions. For some, allowing someone else to decide takes away any blame if the decision turns out bad. And, if it turns out well, it’s hard to give yourself the credit – except that you chose to listen to the advice.

Who really knows who knows best? I like to get opinions, with an open mind, but then ultimately, I am going to decide for myself. If someone is insulted because I don’t use their opinion, I won’ ask them for their opinion in the future. And, conversely, it’s important to realize that you shouldn’t feel insulted if someone rejects your advice.

When I was in a Mastermind group,  I used  the “guru’s” advice, although it didn’t feel right to me. I gave it my best effort, but it did not work out! There is no guarantee that an experienced, successful person is going to have the right direction for you!

At what point do you depend upon your self, and become ready to make your own choice? It’s when you realize that there are no bad decisions. There are course corrections, like pilots who are constantly correcting the path of their plane during the journey.

And like Thomas Edison said about how he felt about all of his failures to create a lightbulb:

“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

And then there is the famous quip, which is a good answer to Edison’s quote:

“I thought I was wrong, but I was mistaken…”

It’s up to you to consider whether you are afraid of failure, and would rather take someone else’s advice, than to depend upon the chance you’ll fail on your own.

Procrastination in part, is due to a fear of failure. When you are confident, you move ahead, and just expect things will work out. I believe that this attitude is very much the reason that things do work out positively. You cannot beat someone who won’t give up!

Trust yourself- listen to your heart. When your head and your heart are in alignment, you’ll KNOW the truth! EFT Meridian Tapping is a good way to get calm, and then get to the truth of the matter. I encourage you to Tap next time you need to make a tough decision.