Confidence Can Beat the Stress

Confidence Wins the Game

It actually makes you perform better, no matter what you are doing
Positive Body Language Shows Inner Confidence

Positive Body Language Shows Inner Confidence

I admit it; I am a rabid tennis fan, and also love to play the game. One of the things that I love is the aspect of body language in the sport. You can turn on a match, and tell who is winning just from the way one of the players is carrying themselves around the court. And of course, its a fluid aspect.

Novak Djokovic is one a perfect example. He essentially has the same game that he did a number of years ago, but after winning the Davis Cup for Serbia, his confidence soared. Since then, he’s been unstoppable. And his body language shows it! Before that match, Novak had anxiety attacks on the court. The stress got to him, and he was hyperventilating through his mouth. He had to take breaks so he could calm down and catch his breath.

Your body can’t lie- If you aren’t in alignment with your thoughts and your emotions, your body is going to respond.
Where do YOU express your lack of confidence?

Pay attention to where you hold your tension. The great thing is, you can actually change your emotions, or thoughts by changing your posture! Yes, you are a 3 part system: Consciously change one component, and the rest will follow.

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