Be the Same You at Work and Home

When you are in Alignment: Happy & Successful Go Together

Alignment: Happy & Successful Go Together

Want to be happy AND successful? The best way is to be yourself, WHEREVER you are! That means if you are an entrepreneur, being your authentic self with your clients, just as you are with your friends and other associates. (Maybe NOT your family – just kidding!).

The point is, if you have to be a different person at work, you are not in alignment with your values. If you are not walking your talk, and being in integrity, that causes STRESS. You may be able to keep up a façade for a while, but you won’t be “feeling” comfortable. And that stress takes a toll on your health!

When I was a Behavioral Therapist at Canyon Ranch Resort and Health Spa, I worked with many VERY successful business owners who were miserable and sick. Making money didn’t improve their lives; in fact it added another dimension of stress to their problems! I know it sounds like a problem you’d like to have, but believe me, you wouldn’t want it! In a week’s time, many of those executives and entrepreneur’s came to understand that this break from their routines was leading them to a different direction that could actually save their lives. Stress can kill you! Did you know that the majority of heart attacks take place at 9am on Monday morning? 

I had a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the Amazon Best Selling Book (in 4 categories!) “Align, Expand and Succeed; Shifting the Paradigm of Entrepreneurial Success”. This book is a compilation of stories and examples of what happened to the entrepreneurial authors who were out of alignment: they were one person in their job, and another person in their hearts. Until life inserted itself… and Shift happens when your body finally tells you: you’ve had ENOUGH, and stops you when it gets sick. Believe me, you don’t want to get stuck “dead in your tracks”! 

Are you happy? You know it in your heart, and your body can’t lie. Your dissatisfaction with life is expressed by your body. Sometimes doing too much can also make your miserable even if you are working at something that you truly love! The way to find out if you are doing too much is to do a body scan. Do you have tension? Where is it? What is it telling you? The first step to a positive change is awareness.

It’s not easy to make a change; but it doesn’t have to be done all at once. Give yourself an uninterrupted time to get calm and contemplate and get to know yourself. Listen to what your heart is telling you. Your heart always knows the way.

What does your body tell you about your comfort level?