Are You TOO Busy?

Exhausted Hamster Falls Off The Wheel

Stressed Out Hamster Falls Off The Wheel

The new, in answer to “how are you?” is “really busy”. Overachievers, Entrepreneurs, and it seems like women in particular, are always busy and overworked. And in some ways it can be seen as a boast disguised as a complaint. People may respond the answer, with “it’s better than the opposite”, meaning you have too much time on your hands.

But is it truly better than the opposite? Busy is most often chosen and self-imposed. It means that you’re booked, and in demand when you are busy. People seem to be addicted to busy and dread the quiet. It’s not even enough to do one thing at a time; how often are you MULTI-Tasking? Overworking and pushing through consistently can lead to burnout. And being overly busy is stressful, and it can have the repercussion of preventing you from sleeping well, and enough. That’s when being busy can start impacting your health and even your weight!

Work, work, work. Americans are putting in MORE hours than our cousins across the pond. We works more hours, and have less vacation time. Can that be part of the increase in stress related diseases (heart disease, strokes, diabetes) as well as the increase number overweight in our population? (Overweight is a symptom of stress).

I’m really concerned when I hear people insisting that you have push through procrastination. Because so many people DO procrastinate, I believe there is a biological protective reason WHY it is so common. Nature doesn’t make mistakes. Perhaps part of the reason you procrastinate is when you don’t confidence in your heart, that what you are doing is in alignment with your head!

Give yourself time to consider. Don’t push the “send” button until you are ready. There’s probably a reason why you are holding back. Yes, you may accomplish something, but you may want to ask your heart WHY it was hard to get it done right NOW. There IS a reason, and sometimes it’s REASONABLE to wait and let the idea percolate, and even figure out what is bothering you!

In fact, some of my most creative ideas came when I gave myself the time and quiet to allow them to appear. They show up frequently on my walks, and even in my sleep! And many of achievements that I’ve made came easily, NOT by pushing through. And they came when I was in this wonderful, exhilarating state called FLOW. Remember the old expression: Go with the flow!

The things you resist persist. Give yourself a break, and don’t be a harsh task-master. Take a break and let your creative juices revive you, not just to work, but to live. Remember: Revive means to recover consciousness! Become mindful and conscious, and enjoy your life – both doing your work, and in balancing it with time to BE. After all, you are a Human BEING not Human Doing!

Are you an overachiever? Where can you give yourself a break? Please share your thoughts and suggestions to help others, below!