A Mother’s Day Present


A loving mother can be your number one fan in your life. But when are problems in that relationship, they can leave a lasting mark on your self-image for a lifetime.

Yes, it’s the day when we honor mothers. And I also want to encourage you to use this opportunity to be your own mother. You’re an adult now. You get to choose how you want to live without someone directing you to their goals. This is your chance to decide how you live your life, because YOU know what you need!

Too often, people focus on self criticism, seeing what’s missing instead of the positive.  This can be the day when you decide become your own best parent, bestowing all of the love and support you always wanted upon yourself.

Sure, it was our mother’s job to do that. She “should have been” your personal cheerleader, the lioness protecting you, the one who saw your dormant potential and encouraged you to blossom. And if you didn’t have that kind of mother, you may feel that your life wasn’t “fair”. Sure your mother may have not been perfect (who is?). She did the best she could at the time, with what she learned from her mother! But you don’t need to be limited by what you did or didn’t get.

For many people, their true growth comes from “push back”. Seeing the lack in your present situation, imagining possibilities, and realizing what you want for your life can make you stronger, and more resilient that having everything handed to you in the first place.

Nietzsche said: the things that don’t kill you make you strong. I don’t necessarily agree with that. Hardships can leave you wounded and vulnerable. But when you achieve from lack, you really feel like you earned your accomplishment.

So on this Mother’s Day, resolve to parent yourself the way you want and need. The past is gone, and your gift is the present (pun intended).