A Miracule Cure for Stress

overwhelmed, overworked causes stress and eventually burnout

Never Be Stressed Again

Every day I open my email I receive an announcement about another miracle cure that I should buy. Today’s cure was for STRESS. The writer assured me that my life and health could be fixed because he found the cure for stress. Sure buddy, take this herb, and you’ll never experience stress again. NOT!!

Do they think we’re stupid? The natural reaction to a threatening event is for your body to react physiolocally to the stress, to give you the ability to fight or escape, and recover. You NEED to be able to react to stress or you will DIE!

An Organic, Non-GM, Plant….

When are people going to learn?? Herbs, pills, and other things you take externally and put into your body are not going to permanently change your reaction to stress! Unless you are taking this Organic, Non-GMO totally natural plant substance: OPIUM! Then you won’t feel a thing!

Seriously, unless you are drugging yourself into a semi-conscious state, an herb is not going to make you NOT experience stress in the first place. These miracle cures are allopathic treatment for symptoms : not preventative! Only YOU have the ability to change the way you react to stress. It something you learn and practice- not something you swallow or smoke!

Re-Action: Doing The Same Thing Again

The way to handle stress is NOT to re-act (like that word says: it means to do the same action again) in response to an event. It means, don’t sweat the small stuff, and learn how to view all stuff in a different way that’s not going to stress you!

Is it easy to learn? Well, yes and no. If you’ve been reacting the same way your entire life, obviously it’s going to take some practice to change a habit. And there are tools and techniques that you can learn that help your transformation easier. But KNOWING what to do it not the same as DOING what you know! If it was, then no one would be procrastinating or stuck!

The First Step

The first thing to do to manage your stress is awareness. Your body gives you the signs that you are thinking thoughts, and feeling emotions. You may feel tension in your neck, or shoulders. You may get a headache, or a stomach-ache. Become aware of your body’s warning system. You can break a cycle of stress by changing your thoughts, feeling or body. We’re actually a 3 part interdependent system that forms a feedback loop!

So, you can change your thoughts by focusing on something where you’ve accomplished something important; you can change your emotions, by feeling gratitude for someone or something you care about, or you can actually change your facial expression and that will change your mood!

All of these approaches above are still re-actions to stress. The best way to deal with stress is to prevent it! That’s attitude re-training that down-regulates the way you define events in your thoughts and emotions so the things that used to bother you don’t come up on your radar screen anymore. Yes, it CAN be done- and it will improve every part of your life: Relationships, work, your physical health & emotional mood! Ditch the stress, and improve your life.

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